Keynote speakers > Pr. Simonetta FRASCHETTI

Pr. Simonetta FRASCHETTI, University of Naples Federico II, Biology Department, Naples (UNINA)

"Key challenges in marine conservation and restoration: a Mediterranean perspective"


Dr Simonetta Fraschetti combines field descriptive research, manipulative experiments and spatial analysis techniques for gaining a better understanding of the pattern of distribution of marine biodiversity and of the processes influencing marine communities. Responsible or directly involved in several international projects for setting criteria and priorities for the management and the conservation of marine coastal systems (AMARe PLUS, AMAre, MERCES, AFRIMED, ADRIPLAN, CoCoNET, MEDISEH MAREA) in the framework of EU Directives. The quantification of biodiversity changes under the effects of multiple stressors and the study of the potential for active restoration of disturbed assemblages are also central in her research.


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